Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Daria Ibn-Tamas

Vegan Lifestyle

Veganism, as a health choice, is one that many people meet with skepticism. Much of people’s opinions about being vegan comes from the perceived ideology that drives it. And while it is true that many people turn to a vegan lifestyle out of a concern for animal welfare, it is also true that many people report very real health benefits. In a recent article in Shape, a writer details the positive effects of her own vegan experience.

The writer admits to having had a vegan phase in her 20s that was comprised mostly of bread, fried potatoes, and soy ice cream. But 12 years after that ended she decided to revisit the idea but with a more mature, healthy mindset. What she found was a series of changes in the way her body looked and felt, all of them positive. Below is just a sampling of her experience.

Skinny Jeans? No Problem!

All of us tend to gain weight during particular times of the year. We all dread putting on the skinny jeans during those periods for fear of how many inches we put on. However, the writer found that when she put on her skinny jeans in September – when she normally packs on a few pounds – she found that slipped on without so much as a wiggle.

Smell The Roses…And Everything Else

Not many people realize this, but dairy can contribute to sinus congestion. The author had been suffering for years with chronic sinus pain that had resulted in two CT scans, a regimen of daily nasal sprays and antihistamine use, and a recommendation for sinus surgery. But after two months of being dairy free, she found that she could breath easier and smell without pain.

Clearest Skin Ever
Her waistline, her nasal passages, and even her skin benefited from the jump to veganism. She found that the pimples she had been dealing with were replaced with smooth, soft skin that was more supple and what she calls a “natural glow.” All this after a month of getting off dairy.

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